Claim Letter Templates - OK In Theory, But Not In Practice

Posted by Albert Sica on Feb 20, 2013 10:28:22 AM

I read an interesting article in this month’s Claims Management magazine about claim letter templates. The article was fairly lengthy and discussed how to improve and organize templates to add to claims efficiency (for the carrier). Makes sense, right? Well, maybe...

We all use some form of a template for things done routinely in our business. I am sure everyone has been, at one time or another, the recipient of a piece of correspondence or response where the "template" wasn't just a guide but it was released that way. That is a poor use of the concept and, while, it is overlooked most times in claims situations, it can have grave consequences.

Carriers need to be thoughtful about any response to a claim submitted by an insured. This includes a careful evaluation of the coverage (with intent in mind) and a bespoke response to the claim and circumstances surrounding the incident. It is NOT appropriate to have a "template" letter issued. Beware of anything that resembles a Reservation of Rights statement. These are never good and need to be reviewed carefully as they can impact the manner in which the carrier is responding to the claim and investigation. We advocate aggressively for our clients in all claims situations and are especially concerned when a "template" response seems a bit too standard - you should be too.

When you submit a claim it is important that an acknowledgment that discloses the claim number and the contact information of the adjuster assigned is received quickly. Depending on the type of claim it would be reasonable to allow 30 days for a full coverage position to be issued. Feel free to contact me at 732-395-4251 or if you have any issues with a claim or claim related material.

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