Dumpster Diving in 2020 – Lost “Art” or New Opportunity…

Posted by The ALS Group on Nov 16, 2020 11:06:13 AM

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As most of the workforce continues to work remotely, the “data breach” exposures of yesteryear are still around. I doubt that any of your employees have been issued one of these as part of their “remote work setup”, but as people are settling in to a “new normal” in working from home, printing and reading documents is still prevalent. Only now, the security of that “paper” is often overlooked and can be simply discarded into the kitchen trash which is moved to the curb on garbage pickup days.

As in most areas and as confirmed in the 1988 US Supreme Court decision California vs Greenwood when trash is discarded curbside it is free game and your 4th amendment rights no longer apply.

So – take a look at your “work from home” policies and make sure there is something in there (in bold letters) that requires that printed material has to be treated with the same confidential guidelines as electronic data and disposed of properly. You can always suggest a “blue-bin” subscription – it would look great in the apartment!

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