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Posted by The ALS Group on Apr 22, 2013 4:09:00 PM

If you subscribe to our email list, you might have read our comments regarding a recent article, “How to Master Email” discussing the risks posed by email in the workplace, despite the advantages of ‘e-discovery’ and permanent correspondence logging. You might find these email ‘best practices’ will save you time and money, increase your productivity, and even improve conversational clarity. A good ole’ fashioned phone call hasn’t gone out of style.

1. The “three email” rule – often people email each other to death…email should be used to support clear communication. If after the third email the parties are still going back and forth and the issue is not resolved we are strongly encouraging a “good ole fashioned” phone call…

2. Proofread your email carefully before you hit “send”. While useful, spell check is not a panacea and can frequently miss words that will change the meaning of your whole email. Errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation can damage your personal and your firm’s credibility, as well as dramatically alter the meaning of the document.

3. Don’t interrupt what you are working on to check your email. The article in Executive Travel magazine quotes BBC news who said that workers distracted by email suffer a fall in IQ more than twice of that found in marijuana smokers. Immediately answer only those emails that are truly urgent and you will see improvement in your productivity and the quality of your work.

4. Do not leave the subject line blank – many people delete subject-less emails. Email recipients often decide which email to open first by reading the subject line, so make sure the subject of your email is reflective of the purpose and point of the email.

So next time you feel like the emails will never end, remember you can help cut through the tedious back and forth, one sentence responses and be clear, concise and stay productive!

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