Managing Talent in 2021

Posted by The ALS Group on Jan 13, 2021 12:10:37 PM


In the last 10 months so many employers have adapted to a remote workforce. Here at The ALS Group we are no different. We have highlighted a few ways we have remained connected as a team through this pandemic, and how we have driven productivity with the help of our employees!

As we approached the 2 week “pause” for in- office work during March of 2020 we never anticipated being fully remote as we entered into 2021, but 10 months along, we are stronger and better then before!

We have applied a few of the best practices below that you can also try with your team to increase morale, drive productivity, and support employee engagement along the way!

  • Post Weekly/Monthly updates on a Team page;
  • Implement an Associate Incentive Plan (AIP) to drive productivity on a quarterly basis;
  • Encourage your team to set up ergonomic work stations at home while providing the technology needed to perform day to day activities;
  • Drive gift giving initiatives to families in need as a team effort to support your communities during a challenging holiday season. This can be done year round as some may experience hardships throughout the year;
  • Host virtual happy hours to connect personally while working hard together;
  • Heighten video platform usage for more “face to face” interaction;
  • Implement a virtual training platform to onboard new team members and continue educating tenured staff;
  • Hold morning meetings to round table with your team or department;
  • Invite a guest speaker to hold a virtual learning session to further your team’s knowledge on specific topics;
  • Grow and develop a virtual internship program to help support your Client Service team and mentor young talent.

Whether you consider all or a few of the suggestions we have outlined, your team will, surely, appreciate the extra effort put in by their leadership to allow them to be better in their respective roles. Taking the extra step with talent, especially, while working remotely, makes all the difference!

Be supportive, have a curious mindset and be sure to give consistent feedback (on both successes and opportunities) which is most important while working remotely!

For more information on ways to manage talent while working remotely contact Jessica Aviles, VP of Talent Management, at 732.395.4254 or

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