5 Activities for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Posted by The ALS Group on Apr 27, 2017 4:49:13 PM

3.5 million workplaces celebrate Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day in the United States, is yours one of them?

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Before you bring your sons or daughters to work on April 27th, take some time to map out the day. Make sure that your employer and colleagues are prepared and that everyone has set aside time to talk to kids and participate in kid-friendly activities.

Don't have anything planned? Here are five sample activities to get you started.

Explain the various roles around the office
Bringing kids to work is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to career goals. Teach your kids about the different roles in the office and how each role works together with the others. Encourage them to explore all of the different aspects of a team and teach them that all roles matter.

Teach them about your industry
Set up some time for an introduction to the office, and to teach kids about the industry your business is in. Make it fun and explain to your kids how important your company is in the industry.

Have some fun, but keep it safe
Create an office scavenger hunt and print out a checklist of office items to find or people to meet. If you’re in the construction business, create a secure and safe area for kids to explore a site, always with supervision. Make kids wear hard hats or dress up in business casual outfits to fit the environment.

Host a Drawing Contest
Host a creative contest encouraging kids to draw what their parent does, what the office looks like, or what the company logo is.

Designate a room for kids and parents to spend the day
Whether it’s a conference room or another sectioned off area of the office, ensure there is a space for kids to be kids. Have everyone introduce themselves and become friends.

Be conscious of employees without kids --- encourage them to bring in young family members or friend's kids that don't have the opportunity themselves.

For more ideas on this unique holiday, check out the official website for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, or connect with them on Facebook.

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