The Challenges of Working Moms

Posted by The ALS Group on May 11, 2020 8:23:20 AM

Mother working from home while child plays

Our blogs usually address specific risk related topics, but as we celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, we wanted to dedicate this one to all the amazing moms who are there for their families and organizations as well as address some of the challenges they face.   

Most of us have experienced and continue to experience a drastic shift in our daily lives when the country began its COVID-19 fight a few months ago. There is one group, however, that has been particularly and profoundly impacted by the lock-down even more than the rest and that is working moms. 

In current economy more and more families rely on both incomes to make ends meet, which makes becoming a working mom a necessity rather than a choice.  Being a working mom has always had its challenges as well as rewards. While working mothers feel productive and accomplished in their professional life there is always a feeling that they are missing out on some of their child’s or children’s milestones.  One would think that working from home moms get to spend more time than ever with their kids which, in turn, would make them much happier.  However, this situation brings a whole new set of challenges and a new intensity into mom’s daily lives.  

Even before the current pandemic caused school closures and “stay-at-home” orders were issued, working moms and all moms, for that matter, have been responsible for planning, organizing, remembering and the often invisible work of childcare.  The mental and physical load that comes with these responsibilities is significant and has grown exponentially recently. 

It is not easy to earn a living or get that urgent project finished while you are trying to teach math or reading.  We all think it’s adorable when a small person jumps gleefully into a video conference, but think about that child’s mother who deals with these type of interruptions through her entire workday. 

Working mothers worry about competing with child-free team members who don’t have to be concerned about relieving the babysitter, picking their child up from school or daycare or attending their concert or soccer game during “normal” times.  These days with schools and daycare centers closed and grandma not able to help, working moms are under even greater pressure.  

But what can working mothers do to help ease the stress and anxiety?  Even “Super Moms” need time for themselves, so don’t forget to practice self-care and take some time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes to take a walk, exercise or take a hot bath.  Remember, this will make you more relaxed and productive with, both, your work and your family. 

The ALS team wants to wish ALS Moms and every Mom a very Happy Mother’s Day!  We appreciate everything you do!

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