The Great American Flag to be Unfurled in New York City for the Nation's Bicentennial

Posted by The ALS Group on Jun 13, 2021 6:57:09 PM


The Great American Flag - the largest flag ever made, measuring 193 feet by 366.5 feet - will be displayed on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on July 3rd and 4th as a salute to the nation's Bicentennial, it was announced today jointly by J.Clarence Davies Jr., Chairman of the New York City Bicentennial Corporation;  David L. Yunich, Chairman of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, and Dwight C. Minton, President of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. makers of Arm & Hammer products, sponsors of the Flag.  Mr. Minton stated that the project has been undertaken because Arm & Hammer has been celebrating their 130th year during the nations' Bicentennial, and because "the traditions of our Company and those of America re so closely linked."  

The idea for the flag was the creation of two private individuals, Pierre Leduc and Len Silverfine, who formed the Great American Flag Company of Warren, Vermont and received the enthusiastic and cooperative support of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, who provided the Bridge as a setting; Hood Sailmakers, Inc., and the Annin Flag Co., who are cooperating in the manufacture; and the makers of Arm & Hammer products, who are sponsoring and donating the flag to New York City as a Bicentennial gift.  

The Great American Flag, weighing, approximately, 1 1/2 tons, will be over 70,000 square feet, or one and one-half times the size of a football field.  The flag's stars will be 11 feet in diameter; its stripes will be 15 feet wide.  The Great American Flag will be three times the size of the largest flag as reported by Guiness World Records.  It will be over 13 times the size of the flag that now hangs above the roadway of the George Washington Bridge. 

It is only natural that the world's larges flag should be flown from the world's largest suspension bridge.  The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge spans the harbor's entrance between Brooklyn and Staten Island with a main span of 4,260 feet between towers that rise 690 feet above the shipping lanes.  Triborough Authority Chairman Yunich said that the flag will be unfurled to salute the arrival of the International Naval Review on July 3rd, and again on July 4th, as an integral part of "Operation Sail" with the parade of tall ships and other festivities centered in New York Harbor.  Thereafter, the Bridge Authority plans to fly the flag on ceremonial occasions and holidays. 

On June 28th the flag was unfurled.  It was displayed for only a very short time before it ripped into pieces never to be seen again.  This is a picture of it as it appeared early on June 28, 1976.   


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