Top Cyber Risk of 2021

Posted by The ALS Group on Feb 4, 2021 1:06:50 PM


Cyber risk and, particularly, the risk from ransomware appears on everyone’s top risks list these days, including ours. The threat from a ransomware attack has rapidly increased over the past nine months, as many organizations continue to “work from home” which can come with more relaxed cybersecurity practices. As we go further into 2021, cybercriminals will continue to become more sophisticated, forcing these organizations to waste resources reacting to a ransomware attack.

Preparing your business for ransomware attacks includes raising employee awareness and being vigilant on potential security breaches within the organization.  

When action is taken ahead of time, the effects of a ransomware attack on your organization can be mitigated or even prevented. I thought summarizing some items to think about would allow for some proactive planning in this area – please request our latest article in the form below which, will, hopefully, assist in the preparation for such an attack and allow the organization to avoid what could be significant “headaches” from such an event.

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