Is a Cyber Breach on Your Holiday Wish List? | The Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted by The ALS Group on Dec 20, 2016 5:32:06 PM

The holiday season usually means new tech gadgets for everyone to tap, swipe, click, and download.  Most people who unwrap a new iPhone, MacBook, Smartwatch, Fitbit, or game console probably aren’t considering the ramifications of connecting those devices to the Internet and setting up new user accounts filled with their personal information.  Unfortunately, we live in a time where have to, or at the very least, should.

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The Importance of Password Diversity

Posted by The ALS Group on Aug 9, 2016 5:48:32 PM

Between company logins, online banking, personal email accounts, and various social media accounts the average user is required to come up with a lot of passwords. Unfortunately, many use the same password for all of their logins, simply for the sake of convenience. This poses a huge security risk, as once any one of those services is hacked and the user’s password becomes compromised, all of the other accounts are in jeopardy.

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