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COI Compliance: Do You Sleep at Night?

Posted by Andrew Masini on Jul 24, 2017 1:07:24 PM

There are industries that entail managing insurance compliance among large numbers of vendors/contractors, which challenges even the most organized firm to manage the compliance properly. If done right, it’s a process which requires diligence and specialized knowledge:

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Enterprise Risk Management | Monitor, Measure, and Evolve

Posted by Andrew Masini on May 25, 2017 11:12:29 AM

In our previous posts on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), we defined ERM and addressed how to set up the program and use it to assess and treat risks. We have come a long way! In this post, we evaluate the program.

ERM is not a static program. An effective approach to evaluating and enhancing the performance is a three-part one: measure, monitor and, most importantly, evolve.

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Topics: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Enterprise Risk Management, ERM, Total Cost of Risk, Total Cost of Risk (TCoR), what is total cost of risk, total cost of risk definition, what is erm, erm insurance

3 Emerging Risks That All Businesses Face in 2017

Posted by Andrew Masini on Mar 9, 2017 9:47:36 AM

Last month,, a UK-based website that covers operations risk at financial services firms, released its list of top 10 operational risks for 2017. It's no surprise that financial services companies face many of the same risks that businesses in all industries face.

So what are those top three risks and how can organizations combat them?

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Topics: Cyber Security, Political Risk, Strategic Risk Management

Implementing ERM | Establishing the Roles, Objectives and Context

Posted by Andrew Masini on Dec 16, 2016 3:26:57 PM

In our previous post, Taking a Closer Look at Enterprise Risk Management, we introduced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as a strategic discipline that affords a “portfolio” view of all threats and opportunities throughout an organization.  We contrasted ERM with the traditional “silo” approach to risk management, where various parts of an entity manage their risks with no overarching risk management strategy.

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Topics: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Enterprise Risk Management, ERM, Portfolio View of Risk, Risk Management Committee, Risk Management Blog, Subject Matter Expert Group

Taking a Closer Look At Enterprise Risk Management

Posted by Andrew Masini on Nov 17, 2016 10:58:35 AM

Every organization is faced with risks and needs to practice some form of risk management in order to maintain the health of the entity. Many take a traditional approach, where risk is managed in silos, with each leader of a business unit (sales, operations, finance, HR, etc.) responsible for managing the risks that fall within his or her area of responsibility.

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